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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Information
What batteries should I use for my trail camera?

Ideally, a battery will offer a balance of the following: Long duration, High performance,and Fair cost.

Some recommendations:

Single-use batteries make excellent backup batteries: They store well for years, are always ready for action and offer high energy capacity.
• Lithium batteries are superb performers and cost more than the average battery, but check your equipment’s instructions first before using them. Lithium batteries (at 3 volts per cell) can overpower some devices (headlamps in particular) and fry their circuitry.
• Alkaline batteries are suitable for any device. Their main downsides: rapid depletion when used in a digital camera and the unending cycle of use-discard-replace.

Among rechargeables, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) are best
• They typically can be recharged and reused 150 to 500+ times and they outperform single-use batteries in “high-drain” devices, like digital cameras and frequently used electronics. Downside: NiMH batteries lose power when sitting idle, 1% or more per day. To keep them operating near their peak, standard NiMH batteries need to be recharged (and preferably used) every 1 to 2 months and they grow less predictable as they age.

There is no perfect battery and performance is not predictable – Many factors weight in the type of device being powered; the frequency or strength of normal use and/or flashes; the temperature; battery age—make it difficult to forecast how consistently a battery will perform. Operating a battery at elevated temperatures improves performance, but prolonged exposure will shorten life. Conversely, the performance of all batteries drops drastically at low temperatures (At –20°C [–4°F], most batteries stop functioning.) Please remember that your results may vary.

If continuous operation of your trail camera is paramount, solar banks/chargers are worth considering. For extended stays in remote corners of the wilderness, these solar units can power your camera and store energy in the day and then work off the stored energy throughout the night, saving the single-use batteries for emergency or unforeseen circumstances.

I’ve noticed there is a loose moving part that partially covers the lens on my trail camera – Is my camera broken?

No, your camera is NOT broken – On certain models, the visible moving part is an IR-Cut filter and its designed to be free floating when not in use. During the day, a day/night camera uses the IR-Cut filter to filter out IR light (fully covering the lens), so it does not distort the colors of images as the human eye sees them. When the camera is in night mode, the IR-Cut filter is removed, which allows the camera’s light sensitivity to fully operate in the darkness. The reason for the loose floating design of the IR-Cut filter is to minimize battery consumption and to minimize small moving parts that may wear out over use.

Wireless Information
What important information do I need to know about your wireless cameras?

All of our current Boly / Scoutguard wireless camera models use SIM cards to communicate with the cellular networks – Our cameras utilize the GSM spectrum frequencies, which is an cellular-industry standard and available world-wide.

Any SIM card you place in our cameras requires that the SIM card be provisioned with SMS and MMS activated, similar to services activated on a cell phone. Area coverage, text messages and data rates and limitations will vary from service provider to provider and may effect the effectiveness of the camera’s wireless capabilities.

All of our current cameras operate on 2G (2nd generation) and 3G (3rd generation) networks, with future models using 4G (4th generation) and 4G LTE networks.

How do I setup my wireless camera?

All of our current Boly / Scoutguard wireless camera models use SMS (text) and MMS (messaging) protocols to communicate with our cameras via the GSM cellular networks. Currently, only GSM cellular networks can be used with our cameras (Verizon and Sprint are not supported at this time).

There is a semi-brief setup quick web page that outlines the important information you may need to complete the configurations setup for your wireless cameras, which can be accessed here.

How do I remotely control my wireless cameras?

All of our current Boly / Scoutguard wireless camera models use SMS (text) commands to communicate with our cameras via the cellular networks – The camera must already be configured and connected to the cellular network. For help setting up you camera to work with your local/regional cellular network, you can download our Microsoft Windows application, BMC Config Tool (zipped), here for most of our current wireless cameras settings for over 40 countries and cellular companies.

The text commands can be entered manually or by the use of our app (BGTools) on AppleOS or on Android phones. BGTools can be downloaded for Apple phones via the Apple Apps Store (search for “BG Tools”) or for Android phone, use this link here.

This SMS quick guide reference document outlines the current text commands for our wireless cameras, which can be downloaded here.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. International shipments require a bit more attention and are calculated by package size and weight. We have a number of international carriers to utilize (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS) and we try to find the best option for our customers. So to maximize your purchase, send an email to us_sales@bolymedia.com or use our Contact Us page with your delivery information, what products you’re interested in and we will send you back a quote for the order. Currently, our website is only configured to ship within the United States, to take advantage of flat rate shipping options.

What is the warranty policy on Boly Products?

Boly One Year Limited Warranty – Summary

Boly Inc. standard manufacturer warranty provides a 12 month service period for qualifying products covering defects in materials and workmanship from date of purchase. If the product fails to function under normal use within these 12 months and is deemed by Boly that no damage has occurred as a result of improper use, unauthorized repair, modification, or disassembly by someone other than a Boly Authorized Service Department, Boly will, at our option, repair or replace the product with one of equal or similar value and/or specifications free of charge (return shipping and handling fees excluded).

To receive warranty service, you must be the original purchaser and have verifiable proof of purchase. All returns to Boly Inc. must be accompanied by a registered Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and packaged according to our return standards or the delivery will be refused and not processed. To obtain a valid RMA number, contact the Boly Return or Customer Service department for further shipping and packaging instructions. All assigned RMA shipments must be delivered to Boly within 30 days of initial receipt of the RMA number or the shipment may be refused and additional processing fees may apply.

By opening or installing a product from Boly Inc., you agree to terms and conditions of warranties and policies of Boly Inc. Boly Inc. must be notified within 7 days of receipt of shipment prior to installation, or any damages or items in the shipment.

All returns for refunds must be requested within 30 days of the actual shipping arrival date, must be accompanied by a valid RMA number, the product unused and returned in its original packaging with all of the included accessories, and are subject to a restocking fee. Shipping is always non-refundable. Purchases made directly from eBay or Amazon stores will require a positive feedback by the customers if everything by Boly Inc. was attempted before the return and or exchange occurs. Any claims that fall outside of the return for refund period will be subject to the 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Boly may be able to provide extra services for your product after warranty expiration. Fees for parts, labor and shipping may be applicable.

See our Terms & Conditions page if you need all the legal details on the warranty.

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