• Boly trail camera captures 24 Mega Pixel crystal images and full HD 1080P videos with sound recording, providing more high-quality details during daytime and night(Color photos and videos during the day and black-and-white photos and videos at night).
  • Quick trigger time less than 0. 7 second motion activated and total 110° detection angle (When side motion sensors enabled), and up to 100ft long trigger distance with high sensitivity level, you won’t miss anything animal movement.
  • With IP56 waterproof protective case can protect your trail camera from rain and dust damage even in tough environments. With gift mounting belt will provide more fun while you hunting.
  • With 2. 0″ color LCD screen display support external power, easy real-time Replay and motion activated with time lapse and switch. Stealth design & Energy-efficient.
  • Operation Temperature from -20- +60°C with high quality recording/ picture resolution, support up to 32GB SD card and recycles storage, take time lapse field scan images with sound broadcast used for calling game.


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General Description:

BG960-K24W is a wide angle deer camera. Equipped with Boly self-developed BL-002 lens, PIR sensor of the cameras reaches incredibly 110 degree. The cameras present vivid scenes of the wild animal lives with their 24MP image resolution and 1080p video high definition. BG960-K24W uses invisible IR not to be seen by animals at night and not to disturb them. 8 or 4 pieces of AA batteries are used in the camera. This camera can be used in rainy and snowy weather. 

Package Contents: 1*Digital Cameras, 1*USB Cable, 1*Belt, 1*Mounting Bracket, 1*User’s Manual, 1*Warranty Card


1. 24MP picture resolution and 1080p HD video

2. 100ft. detection and lighting range

3. 110° wide angle view

4. Less than 0.7 sec. trigger time

5. Up to 32GB SD card

6. 2.0” LCD color viewer

7. Sound broadcast used for calling game

8. Native support for solar and external power options

wide angle deer camera

wide angle view cameras

camera application


High Pixel:

Photo resolution: 24MP color images with stunning clarity

Video resolution:  1080p HD video


The BG960-K24W can capture 24MP image and full 1080p video. The BG960-K24W shows noticeable improvement in image sensor, picture quality is proving to be a real strength. 


Wide Angle:

110° Wide Angle View

A wider angle camera can cover a larger field and make trail cameras more effective. For wide angle cameras, while detection is also a problem, the major problem is lighting.

110° wide angle camera


Long Range:

Detection Range:  100 ft. detection and lighting range

The BG960-K24W offer 100 feet detection and lighting range. Long Range is desired not only for better night picture and video quality, but also for capturing more animal activities and for security applications.

To move from 70 feet to 100 feet, an extra 2x sensitivity from the PIR sensor is needed. Sensing range is proportional to the temperature difference of the environment and the animal skin, the detection range of 70 ft. will drop to about 30 ft. in the winter, making the camera less than optimal in cold weather or cold regions. 

long range


Black IR:

Flash Type:  Black IR


At night, BG960-K24W will not be discovered by animals for it using invisible IR flash light. It takes natural photos and videos without disturbing animals. And it is more suitable for security and scouting.

Night pictures have outstanding range and the Black IR on BG960-K24W have boosted the flash range substantially. Boly’s deer camera is truly Black IR (>= 940nm). When everything else is same, a Red IR camera has 3x more brightness than a Black IR camera. That means, it is not easy to have a high quality Black IR camera, especially for high pixel cameras. 

black IR1524018309336216.jpg


high quality


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