SG 560X


  • 18MP image resolution and 1080p video
  • 57°field of view
  • 100ft. detection and flash range
  • Quick trigger time:<1.2s,trigger interval:0s-1h
  • Supports up to 32GB SD card and recycles storage
  • 2.0” LCD color display
  • Boly aspherical large aperture(2.4)lens
  • Takes time lapse pictures

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SG560X-18mHD is a comprehensive high quality hunting camera. It is of fair quality and cost-effective. With its 18MP image resolution and 1080p video high definition these camera presents vivid scenes of the wild animals. SG560X-18mHD uses invisible IR flash that cannot to be seen by animals at night and cannot disturb them. 8 or 4 pieces of AA batteries are used in these cameras. This camera can be used in rain and snow. Compared with SG560K-18mHD, this camera equipped with Xenon lights will behave better in taking night photos.



1. High Quality 18MP image resolution and 1080p video

2. 57°field of view

3. 100ft. detection and 100ft. lighting range 

4. 940nm low glow IR LED lights

5. Quick trigger time:<1.2s, trigger interval:0s-1h

6. Supports up to 32GB SD card and recycles storage

7. 2.0” LCD color display

8. Boly aspherical large aperture lens (f2.4)

9. Takes time lapse pictures
10. Ultra low standby power consumption





The trail camera SG560K-18mHD can capture 18MP image and full 1080p video, is the highest equipped hunting camera currently in the market. SG560K-18mHD shows noticeable improvement in image sensor, picture quality is proving to be a real strength.







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