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The Boly Pro Staff are dedicated and passionate team members that value hunting, conservation and preserving their way of life for generations to come. They assist us with research and development and provide customer feedback and support. The Boly Pro Staff are full-fledged ambassadors of the great outdoors and of Boly and Scoutguard cameras.
Kyle AllenI’m Kyle Allen. I am 29 years old and am originally from western NY. I fell in love with hunting as far back as I can remember, and it has been a huge part of my life. Over four years ago, I moved to Northern VA for a job in law enforcement and have been hunting here ever since. I am recently married to my wife, Tricia and together we have a beautiful 12 month old son, Bryce. I hope to continue to grow as a hunter and to teach my son this amazing sport. Within the last year, I became a pro staff member for Whitetail365, and have been working on self-filming. I love hunting all species, but my passion lies with whitetail deer and turkeys. When it’s not hunting season, I am busy preparing for it and I am always looking for the best gear and equipment. I am really looking forward to this new journey with Boly inc. and promoting their cameras. I am glad to be part of the team!
Tyler ClayI have been hunting since I could walk, taking many deer and turkeys along the way. Once I started bowhunting I realized this was my calling and passion to chase after these mature bucks with a bow and managing the land to increase the odds of growing and holding these bucks. In 2015, I started Whitetail365 to share the year round processes of going after mature bucks. Our goal is to bring you quality hunts as well as good tips and information.
David FalardeauI grew up in Stoneham, Quebec. Since my childhood, I have always been fascinated by moose and deer. I am a passionate individual who enjoys discovering new territories and installing my trail cameras to observe the behaviors of game. Throughout my hunting career, I have collected several moose and mature deer. My goal is to continue to improve my knowledge of hunting game and share my passion with my children, my friends and my virtual contacts.
Jacob GroceI was born in a small town in Kentucky and moved to Tennessee in the early 90s. I was introduced to hunting at a young age. I have been active in the outdoors since I was 10 years old. Since becoming a father of two children, my days in the outdoors alone are few and far between. Most days in the outdoors, I usually have one or both of my children with me showing them everything I can about hunting, fishing and just everything outdoors. They both enjoy going out checking cameras and helping me with other things I need to get done before the season starts. My wife has become interested in hunting, so I have enjoyed showing her everything I know about it.
April KrumholzI have always had an interest in the outdoors from the moment I could walk. This interest led me into studying plants and the animals around me. When I was fourteen, I saved up my money and purchased my first trail cam. It cost me even more to develop the pictures, most of which had nothing but the wind. Later in life, I studied conservation and updated my camera technology. My initial target animal was the whitetail deer. Over the years, I have come to enjoy capturing all of the other creatures that live in my home of Wisconsin.
Clint LaneI am the Human Resources Director of a family owned independent Coca-Cola franchise in Ada, Oklahoma. The business has been in my family since 1905 and is now in its fourth generation of ownership. I am married and have two sons, Kaden who is nine, and Kase who is two. For the last 5 years, I have implemented a deer management program that includes spring/summer and fall/winter food plots as well as a supply of protein feed and mineral locations. Growing and harvesting mature whitetail deer is my challenging passion. Each year is full of opportunities to learn and grow while making the greatest of memories with my family.
Justin MarvinMy name is Justin Marvin. I am a 39 year old father of 2 amazing daughters, ages 4 (Arie) and 3 (Abree), and the husband to a beautiful, and very understanding woman (Bambi). Growing up, hunting was just something we always did. My grandfather grew up hunting and then proceeded to have 12 children, so hunting became a relied source of food. Between him and my father, they tried to teach me more about deer and the outdoors than I’ll ever be able remember. Once I got a little older, I fell in love with archery. Since then the passion has grown from just hunting to shooting year round in leagues and tournaments. But my love for hunting will always win over all other interests. I have hunted and harvested Whitetails, Black Bear, Eastern Wild Turkeys and pretty much anything else the Midwest has to offer. I have also gone west to hunt Mule Deer and Merriam Turkey, with a dream of someday (soon) pursuing Elk with my bow.
Robert SizemoreMy name is Robert Sizemore from southern Illinois. My love for the outdoors started when I was a kid, rabbit hunting old railroad tracks with my uncle. It quickly grew from small game to whitetail deer, waterfowl, turkey and everything in between. I currently hunt in Illinois and Missouri with close friends and family. My wife and I have two daughters who enjoy being in the outdoors just as much as we do. We hike, camp, fish, and hunt as a family. I’m honored to be part of the Boly team and look forward to representing their products. I’m excited for this opportunity.
Jeremi SkeltonI am a wildlife biologist and avid outdoorsman who has been involved with trail cameras for 14 years. I am an experienced camera-trapper and have captured many spectacular images of a wide variety of North American wildlife including deer, moose, elk, bear, red fox, coyote, wolverine, grouse and waterfowl. I use a combination of homemade trail cameras and manufactured cameras to capture these images and my favorite past times include photography, hunting, fishing, shed antler hunting and cultivating a love for nature with my children.
Randy TomasiniI have been hunting since before I could even walk. The outdoors has always played an important role in our family. Hunting with my grandfathers, my dad, uncles, brothers, and cousins was just what I did; it’s what we all did. This family tradition and my passion for hunting had been passed on to my 2 sons and will soon live on in my grandchildren. I also feel very lucky to be at a point in life where the outdoors and hunting play a major part in my current profession. As the owner and inventor of the Innovative Trapping System (a cellular operated gate release system), I am able to do what I love, trap feral hogs, deer, and exotics. That is what brought me to Boly. I needed a reliable cellular game camera to go with my system. The MG883G was the answer and is what I sell with my system and recommend to anyone looking for a cellular camera. It is the work horse of the cellular camera industry.
Tammy WheelerI have lived in Southeast Alaska for over 30 years. I spend time exploring with my family and enjoying what Alaska has to offer. We hunt for moose, deer and bear and I spend a considerable amount of time each year at a remote camp. I greatly enjoy capturing images of a variety of large game on my trail cams. I typically see moose and bear (both black and brown) as well as an occasional wolf. I love setting up my cams and I’m thrilled when I get to view the images captured. My success has come with some practice and the use of great (and user friendly!) equipment.
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