SG520-D (37MP Dual Flash)


  • Boly smallest trail camera captures 37 Mega Pixel crystal images and 4K videos with sound recording, providing more high-quality details during daytime and night(Color or black & white photos and videos during the day and Nights).
  • Quick trigger time less than 1 second motion activated (When side motion sensors enabled), and up to 85ft detection and 75ft. flash range, you won’t miss anything animal movement.
  • With IP67 waterproof protective case can protect your trail camera from rain and dust damage even in tough environments.
  • With 1. 44″ color LCD screen display support external power, easy realtime Replay and motion activated with time lapse and switch. Stealth design & Energy-efficient.
  • Operation Temperature from -20- +60°C with high quality recording/ picture resolution, support up to 64GB SD card and recycles storage, take time lapse field scan images with sound broadcast used for calling game.

General Description:

This trail camera is one of the smallest game cameras in the market and can be used for digital surveillance, security, hunting, or bird watching. Taking COLOR images at days and Nights with dual flash. It is triggered by any movement of humans or animals, monitored by a highly sensitive Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor, and then automatically captures high quality pictures or records video clips. Designed for outdoor use, there is a built-in color LCD display screen on the camera. It supports up to 64GB SD/SDHC cards, and is resistant against water and snow. 

Package Contents: 1*Digital Cameras, 1*Belt, 1*User’s Manual, 1*Warranty Card


1. High quality 37MP image resolution and 4K video

2. 85ft. detection and 70ft. lighting range

3. 940nm low glow Black IR LED lights and White LED lights

4. <1s trigger speed

5. Trigger interval:0s~1h

6. 1.44” color LCD display

7. Supports up to 64G SD card

8. Water resistant

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High Pixel:

Photo resolution: 37MP color images with stunning clarity

Video resolution: 4K video

The SG520-D can capture 37MP image and 4K videos. The trail camera shows noticeable improvement in image sensor, picture quality is proving to be a real strength. It uses a 4MP image sensor and interpolates the pictures to 37MP.


Long Range

Detection Range:  85ft. detection and 70ft. lighting range

The SG520-D offer 85ft. detection and 70ft. lighting range. Long Range is desired not only for better night picture and video quality, but also for capturing more animal activities and for security applications.



Dual Flash:

Flash Type: White LED and low Glow Black IR LED

SG520-D can take color images days and nights, also with low glow flash to take black & white at nights. It takes natural photos and videos without disturbing animals. And it is more suitable for security and scouting.



Image Quality:

The SG520 have Superior Resolution and Brightness, Color Fidelity and Saturation, Noise Level, Contrast, and Sharpness. While Sharpness is often associated with resolution, it is not the same. Resolution details one can see, while sharpness details the crispness of the objects.

In order to capture good pictures of predators, Motion Sharp is needed, requiring at least 2x more LED lighting energy than what is available in a 40 LED camera for night time picture capturing. Otherwise, moving objects will be blurry. Boly is the only company that offers Motion Sharp cameras at Long Range. 

Boly trail cameras have integrated all the above technologies into a single camera, making game camera not only a tool for hunting, but a powerful security device. 

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