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Boly Inc. is a designer and manufacturer focused on the imaging and renewable energy industries. Our company was founded in 2000 by our current CEO, Dr. Xiaoping Hu in Santa Clara, California. In 2001, Boly Inc. opened offices and a manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China. Our company’s top funders include Acorn Campus, Hyundai of Korea and Chengwei Venture.

Boly Inc. has invented and patented a series of world-leading technologies for image scaling, no-loss data compression, video streaming, motion tracking sensing and high-quality image processing. We manufacture digital scouting cameras, security cameras, ultrasonic motors, and optical zoom components. We have numerous customers in the U.S., Europe, and Greater China and are constantly expanding into additional markets. In a partnership with Tsinghua University, we were able to create the world’s most compact piezoelectric motor. This product line covers 3-12mm diameters and is applicable in various markets such as optics, automotive, automation robotics and medical equipment.

Boly Inc. also manufactures auto-focus camera modules for cellular devices. These modules are driven by a compact piezoelectric motor that excels in performance for pixel quality and reliability. By owning a series of world-leading patents and applying our technology to today’s manufacturing process, Boly Inc. is in position to be the leader and main supplier for the camera module market. In 2016, Boly Inc. expanded and applied its technology to the renewable energy industry. The company is in the prototype and testing phase for various solar energy products. Our solar products will help provide electricity around the world, cut energy costs and carbon footprints for corporations and residential markets.

In the first two quarters of 2017, Boly Inc. has attended Solar Expos in Tokyo, Johannesburg, Shanghai and Mexico to showcase our latest solar prototypes and technology. We see a huge potential market and are moving fast with our solar energy products. Samples are expected to be available in the third quarter of 2017.

We welcome investments from all over the world.