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  • 2060 T

  • BC-04 Solar Battery and Power Bank

  • BG 590

  • BG 590 (45mp)

  • BG 584

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    BG310 FP

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    BG310 M


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Boly Inc. is a designer and manufacturer focused on
the imaging and renewable energy industries. Our
company was founded in 2000 by Founding CEO, Dr.
Xiaoping Hu in Santa Clara, California, and now has offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. Boly is funded by venture capitalsand has so far raised Series A and B investments, lead by Acorn Campus and Chengwei Capitals respectively.


Boly Inc. has invented and patented a series of world-leading technologies in image sensors, miniature lens design, image processing/scaling, data compression, video streaming, ultrasonic motor, object recognition and motion tracking, motion detection and sensing, and many areas of solar energy. By the end of 2018, Boly has filed more than 100 invention patents and more than half of them have been granted world-widely. Currently, Boly produces world’s best digital scouting cameras, outdoor security cameras, ultrasonic motors, optical lens  components, and solar energy products. We have numerous customers in the U.S., Europe, and Greater China and are constantly expanding into additional markets. 


Boly Inc. owns many patents on miniature zoom lens design, whichcan be applied to mobile phones in the future. From 2016, Boly Inc. expanded and applied its Fresnel Lens technologies to the solar energy industry and is expected to release a series of leadingsolar energy products from 2020.