BG 590


  • 32MP image and 1080P video
  • 100ft. detection and lighting range
  • Invisible IR at night
  • Quick trigger time: <0.7s
  • Records sounds
  •  2.0” display for playback
  • Supports up to 64GB SD card
  • Supports solar and external power


General Description:

BG590-K2 is a 32MP invisible IR hunting camera. This camera has a fast trigger time less than 0.7s. BolyRaw–patented image processing technology makes videos and images very enjoyable. This camera behaves excellent both in day and night and can work normally in rainy and snowy weather. At night, cameras will not be discovered by animals because it uses invisible IR light. It takes natural photos and videos without disturbing animals. 

Attention please:

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1. 32MP image and 1080P video

2. 100ft. detection and lighting range

3. Invisible IR at night

4. Quick trigger time: <0.7s

5. Records sounds

6. 2.0” display for playback

7. Supports up to 64GB SD card

8. Supports solar and external power




The trail camera BG590-K2 can capture 32MP image and full 1080p video, is the highest equipped hunting camera currently in the market. BG590-K2 shows noticeable improvement in image sensor, picture quality is proving to be a real strength. 








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